Our Mission

With love and devotion, we strive to awaken and nourish the unique capacities – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – of each student to help them meet the future with courage, initiative, compassion and resilience. With a combined curriculum of sciences, arts and crafts, we help children develop a feeling for beauty, a clarity of thought, and a strong motivation from within. We strengthen their abilities so they stand firmly in the world as leaders and lifelong learners. Above all, we as teachers strive to match the same goals we set for our students; we, too, are lifelong learners, leading by example

Our Vision

To cultivate each child as an integrated human being through imagination, truth and responsibility; reaching the heart and soul as well as the mind, so as to bring out the best of the whole child.

Our Values

Garden House Waldorf School values the development of the whole human being and provides a hands-on, integrated education that is developmentally appropriate and grounded in artistic and practical work. We provide an optimal environment where children develop intellectual curiosity, social sensitivity, and physical stamina.


• We explore with students the beauty, resilience and infinite possibility of the human spirit. Such exploration gives them the tools to become thoughtful, clear-thinking adults, able to act with courage and social responsibility.


• We provide a safe and inclusive learning space, steeped in a natural aesthetic, where the interests and strengths of all students are honored, and where children are encouraged to try their wings and discover new enthusiasms and abilities.


• Our combined curriculum of sciences, arts and crafts, situated in and connected to the natural world, fosters integrated thinking and intellectual flexibility. This not only provides for healthy intellectual and emotional development in the younger years but lays a firm foundation for academic attainment going forward.


• Waldorf education nurtures the individual within the context of the community and the natural world. Children learn how their actions affect others; how each of us is responsible to, and for, others; and how all of us are part of something much larger. Along the way, children absorb lessons and hone skills that allow them to go forth into the world as leaders with high ethical and moral standards.


• Education is a lifelong process. At Garden House Waldorf School, teachers and students work together to create an understanding of the integral part each individual can play in shaping the future.

About Our Founders

Ms Cannie Bennett and Ms Jane So


In 2021, Cannie Bennett and Jane Song joined their individual passions for holistic education to establish a Waldorf primary school at Silverstrand Beach above Garden House Waldorf Kindergarten. Their vision is to offer each stage of a child’s learning journey under one roof. They are dedicated to generating an inner enthusiasm for learning within every student.


Cannie Bennett has been a passionate educator for over two decades. She has established three kindergartens and a primary school, three of which are Waldorf schools.  In 2008, she founded Garden House Waldorf Pre-School and Kindergarten, which has been recognized by the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood (IASWECE) and as a model Waldorf kindergarten.*  With the foundation of Garden House securely in place, Cannie’s commitment to Waldorf education led her to become one of the Regional Coordinators for Greater China on Waldorf Early Childhood Education (2010-present). She continues to support Waldorf teachers and the Waldorf community in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia.


*awarded by China Waldorf Early Childhood Education Forum

Jane So and her family moved to Sai Kung last year, and her children have studied at Garden House since they arrived.


“After several months here, both Lena and Max became so happy. They sing different songs to me every day, both in English and in Mandarin; they teach me to do housework with songs; they bring home a lot of paintings and handcrafts; it is so different from other international schools that my daughter was in before,” says Jane.


Jane took part in her son’s classes and felt the passion the school team has for education. She was deeply touched by the natural and warm environment.  Jane and her husband wanted to contribute to expanding Waldorf education in Hong Kong as a way to make a difference.


What makes Garden House special?


A progressive school

The Waldorf approach means the same teacher will stay with the class from Class one to Class six.


Art integrated across the curriculum

Waldorf emphasizes creativity and the development of children’s imaginations.


Children build their own textbooks

Waldorf learning does not require standardized textbooks in primary years. Instead, children have a main book in which they create their own textbooks from their class notes.

Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 11.00.20 PM.png

I just want to extend a huge thank you for all the school has done this year for the children.  You have gone above and beyond to try and make life as normal as possible for the children, and to continue their learning journey through this very tricky time.  It has obviously been a very big challenge for all involved, but we appreciate everything you have done over the past 6 months, and the warmth and care of all the staff at the school has been felt by all us parents! Sadly Ella won’t be back to say a proper good bye to everyone now, but she has loved her time at Garden House and we only wish she could have had a bit more time at your very special school! All the best, (this was during COVID-19 in 2020)


Sadly Ella won’t be back to say a proper good bye to everyone now, but she has loved her time at Garden House and we only wish she could have had a bit more time at your very special school!
All the best,

(this was during COVID-19 in 2020)

女兒在 Garden House 裡,有一件令我印象深刻和感動的事,至今難以忘懷。小女需要戴助聽器上學,我擔心同學仔會因為好奇而做出一些舉動。詢問老師後,原來可愛的同學仔真的有問老師,女兒為什麼耳朵上有個東西?老是指指自己的眼鏡說,這沒什麼特別的,就像我戴眼鏡而婧耳朵上戴耳機一樣,都是為了能看清楚聽清楚一些啊。感謝老師輕輕帶過的講解,讓女兒能和普通孩子一樣享受學校生活。


I just wanted to let you know that Adrian went for an interview for P1 last week (we’re sorry he has to leave). We received detailed feedback from the Deputy Head who interviewed him, describing him as ‘enthusing confidence’ and ‘happy and relaxed’ and that he, ’could answer with interest and will be an enthusiastic member of the P1 class’.


Anna and I just wanted to say thank you for everything that Garden House, all the teachers, and non-teaching staff have done for him. He was most reluctant to join in when he first arrived but now he is happy and sociable. We are most appreciative of the Waldorf Steiner approach, along with care and commitment of everyone at Garden House and we cannot praise you too highly. You’re doing a marvelous job.


Thank you.


The boy is thriving, he's in 4th grade now, again in a pioneering class in a new school in Berlin. He is self-confident and independent, open minded and inquisitive. The foundations for his development were laid in Garden House, and now it's him who's starting to influence and shape the course his own school is taking.


It has most certainly been preparing him well for life!


Parent from Germany


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