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Garden House Waldorf School was found in September 2021, the birth was from Garden House Waldorf Kindergarten since 2008 (recognized by International Association Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education IASWECE and a model Waldorf kindergarten by China Waldorf Early Childhood Forum).

When there were wishes from the community to form a Waldorf primary school early in 2021, after much considerations we have decided to build a wider community, preparation of the birth started then. Garden House Waldorf School aiming to serve students from 1 st Grade to 7 th Grade, with the first year focus on the lower 1 st to 3 rd Grades and organically grow. Our vision is to cultivate integrated human being with imagination, truth and responsibility, reaching their heart and soul as well as the mind, to bring out the best of a whole child for the w orl d. With love and devotion, we strive to nourish and awaken the unique capacities of each student physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritua l to help them meet the future with courage, initiative, compassion and resilience. With the combination curriculum of sciences, arts and cr aft s, we will help them acquaint feelings for beauty, clarities of thinking, strong motives from within, and other strengthened abilities to sta nd firmly in the world as lifelong learners.

Above all, we ourselves as teachers strive to match these same goals we set for our students.

In Garden House, you will have the opportunity to be part of a faculty where we look to learn from one another as well as traine rs and speakers who travel to Hong Kong. This is how we shape the culture and processes to positively impact on the child development.

To apply, please submit to a resume and letter of interest.

Current Job Openings

- Class 1 Teacher (for September 2023)
- German Language Teacher

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