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To awaken and nourish the unique capacities of each child in all dimensions physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Our curriculum, grounded in artistic and practical work, is designed to foster intellectual curiosity, social sensitivity and physical stamina, thereby developing within each student a feeling for beauty, clarity of thought, and a strong inner motivation.



To cultivate the whole child as an integrated being, imbued with imagination and a sense of truth and responsibility. Our curriculum, combining sciences, arts, and crafts, is situated in and connected to the natural world, fostering integrated thinking and intellectual flexibility.



We believe that education is not confined to the classroom or to childhood. Our students and teachers alike are lifelong learners, and our curriculum is designed to nurture the individual within the community and within the natural world. Children learn how their actions affect others and how we are all part of, and responsible for, something much larger. With high ethical and moral standards and the motivation and capacity to lead, they emerge as thoughtful, confident, and responsible adults.

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