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Singing Group

Our singing group is made up of teachers, parents, and friends who gather for fun. It's a place where you can cut loose and unwind once a week. We sing for enjoyment and have opportunities to sing at events like the Garden House Christmas Fair. We would love to have you join us and welcome your voice to our group! Come for a session, sing and get to know our community. We also welcome youth participation (high school and up) as well. 

1.5 hour/session (ongoing)
Adults only
Every Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Form Drawing

The living life of lines


Twice a month we meet to explore the movement art of form drawing. Movement art? you say, Yes, movement art, because we don’t draw to create a work of art. That’s not our goal (though we are allowed to take satisfaction in our beautiful drawing). The art lies in the movement itself and the crayon on paper is just a memory, a recording of that movement. This movement has an effect on us, sometimes calming, sometimes exciting! And in this way, we come to discover aspects of ourselves and the world, and discover how the world of straight line and curve has a deep inner connection with our human being.

Contact the school office if this sounds interesting to you.

1 hour/session (ongoing)
Adults only
Saturday 10:30am 11:30am

Open Day

Get involve with the creative world of Garden House Waldorf School through tours of the classes. Explore our cozy classrooms and experience first hand the benefits of our nourishing rhythm and play based curriculum. The tour will convene with Education Director Mr. Noel Dallow for a brief presentation and discussion on the topic of “Why Waldorf Education.” Also chances to meet with teachers and talk with current parents. The open day showcase all areas of the school from playgroups through primary. Bring your children and fall in love with our program. Our warm and wonderful teachers will guide you through with baking, crafting or being a student yourself in a grade classroom.

We will be serving refreshments, engage with Eurythmy and exploring the benefits of a Waldorf education.

Join us for our March Open Day to find out why Garden House Waldorf School is so special! See you there!

Date: 18 March from 10:00am-2:00pm


''Choosing a Waldorf school for your child‘’

This will be a short but informative talk about the Waldorf Primary School. You may be wondering whether Waldorf primary is the right fit for your child(ren), this talk will help you to know more about the place of Waldorf education here at Garden House.

Date: 31st January 2023 (Tuesday)
Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Garden House Waldorf School,1/F, 7 Silverstrand Beach Road, Clearwater Bay


Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year meant to celebrate with families, it is our tradition to celebrate with our families at Garden House with colourful activities. In the old days, most people living away from home will try their best to come back for a family reunion and we would like to invite the children, siblings, families and parents/guardians to join our celebration, this is our way to wish all of you a happy and healthy Year of the Rabbit.

On the day of the celebration, it is our tradition that everyone come to school wearing their traditional Chinese costumes or red clothing. The school will have already been decorated with festive items of red colours, knot pendants, lanterns and couplets.

Like a traditional Chinese market during Chinese New Year, there will be various activities including Chinese Calligraphy, fire crackers, paper cutting decoration, Chinese New Year traditional dumpling making to share with families. There will be a Children Dragon dance and Paper Shadow Show by children, and performances by parents and Garden

House team. Surely everyone would enjoy a traditional festive morning.
Friday 3rd February 9.30am - 12:00noon

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