Our Program

Lower Grades (1st - 4th grades)

At Garden House Waldorf School,  a child's education in academic subjects includes hands-on learning through music, painting, sculpture, movement and woodworking. Grades 1-4 is a time for children to understand the relationship between themselves and the world around them. Providing space and encouragement through this developmental stage enables the child to become stable, balanced and self-sufficient.

Class 1

The child has completed the formation of their physical body and is ready to begin work with their mind. Children learn best at this age by entering the world with love, sympathy and wonder.

Curriculum: Imaginative fairy stories, exploring nature, music, foreign language, handwork and painting

Class 2

The child is like a butterfly who has just emerged from the chrysalis sitting upon a leaf poised for flight. This is the time when they discover their relationship with the world around them. They are eager to participate in everything that comes to their attention.

Curriculum: Drama, poetry, painting, grammar, arithmetic, nature study, handwork, foreign language, flute

Class 3

This is the “Crossing Point” for a child. They start to question everything and feel separate from the world. They sometimes suffer from loneliness and fear. At this time it is important for the child to learn self sufficiency.

Curriculum: Practical farming and gardening, building shelters, drama, music, foreign language, long division, measurement and grammar.

Class 4

The child is “Encountering SELF” This is a time where they are finding stability and strength as an individual yet working harmoniously together.

Curriculum: Human and animal studies (zoology), geography, long division, fractions, geometry, composition writing, violin or any other  string instruments , foreign language.

Upper Grades (5th – 6th grades)

The approach to Waldorf  education is creative - but it is also rigorous. Entering into the upper grades with a foundation of strength and self-sufficiency, the child can now successfully enter into the next developmental stage where he can flourish. This is a time of awareness and self-discovery which lays the path for a lifelong love of learning.

Class 5

The Class 5 child has crossed over into harmonious balance where they can begin to flourish. This is the time to establish foundations for their future.

Curriculum: Ancient Civilizations, botany, research compositions, foreign language, string ensemble, painting, sculpture, geometry, ratios & proportions, class play.

Class 6

The child takes a firm, intentional step into the outer world and becomes aware of the changes in their body. With increasing awareness of the physical self, the time is right for study of the physical body of the earth.

Curriculum: Roman history, geology, minerals, climate, physics, astronomy, literature, biography, speech, drama, history, recitation, pre-algebra, business math, cultural studies, choir, woodworking.